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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interesting Product for Home Media Sharing

While I was working today I stumbled on a pretty great media sharing box, the GMG 3583NAS-NL. What's so great about it?
  1. It's an enclosure with gigabit networking & wireless networking + it can do USB 2.0. That means it's very flexible and you don't even have to have it near your router / cable box. [Although you can and get a bit of a performance boost].
  2. The unit is fairly smart and apparently does some form of linux natively [didn't dig too deep]. As such, it can do alot of things you wouldn't expect out of a network attached storage box like: Torrent files, share printers [ CUPS? ], run a DHCP server or a time server.
  3. It's a RAID enclosure. Although it's limited to a max drive size of 1 TB, for most people that's more than enough to store all their music and such. Since it's a RAID enclosure you have 3 options:
    • RAID 1: Your files are written to both drives ever time you write a file, so you are safe if one goes bad.
    • Raid 0:Basically your files are split in half, 1 to drive 1, 1 to drive 2-- but they write and read at the same time-- so it's faster. One drive dead, you lose everything. [But you also get one big 2TB area].
    • Non-Raid: You could simply leave it alone and have two drives independantly in the enclosure.
    The box is pretty cheap too at $89.99 and there's a coupon on DirectronDeals that can take a bit more off.  I think it's a good value and worth checking out even if it's limited to 1TB drives.

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